Our Services

Our environmental services can be categorized under three general categories – environmental remediation, consulting, and demolition –  however, most often these services are combined in order to properly fulfill our clients’ needs.

The textbook definition “environmental remediation” goes something like,

“Environmental remediation is the body of science that deals with the removal and treatment of contaminants or pollution from different types of environmental media such as surface water, sediment, groundwater and soil.”

For New Horizons, environmental remediation is more than a body of science. For us, environmental remediation is about restoring contaminated areas or sites to a level of safety that isn’t harmful for animals, plants, or people. It’s about achieving cost-effective and sustainable environmental solutions for our clients. It’s about our calling to protect and enhance the environment as a true partner with our clients. It’s about taking our service to another level and differentiating ourselves from those firms that just work to get the check and then run out the door.

We offer a full suite of environmental services, from environmental consulting, which includes testing, surveys, and inspections to identify any environmental issues, to remediation, which includes the removal of asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, underground storage tanks and more. Our ability to provide environmental assessments, especially for redevelopment projects, helps to bridge the gap between environmental consulting and environmental contracting services. We not only assess and plan environmental projects, but also coordinate their implementation to provide an inclusive, turnkey service.

The textbook definition of “demolish” is pretty easy to understand,

“tear down, break to pieces, to do away with or destroy”

Demolition, both interior and full building demolition, is another way New Horizons can effectively fulfill our clients’ needs.  New Horizons prides itself on the full service aspect of client relations.

We now also do Project Safety Consulting that includes OSHA jobsite compliance reviews, safety meetings and trainings, assisting with developing, updating or implementing safety policies and procedures, etc.

Safety Training

Fork Truck – $200 per student plus equipment
Fall Protection – $500
Scaffold – $500
Mobile Platforms, Aerial Lifts, Boom Lifts $200 per student plus equipment
Rigging and Signaling (8 hours) $1,000
Excavation and Trenching $250
Confined Spaces $250
Hazard Communications $500
OSHA 10 $1,250 plus $30 per student
OSHA 30 $3,000 plus $30 per student
First Aid/CPR $500 plus $50 per student

OSHA Awareness Classes

2 Hour Asbestos Awareness $250
2 Hour Lead Paint Awareness $250
2 Hour Silica Awareness $250

EPA/Missouri Accredited Asbestos Classes

Asbestos (32 hour) Worker Initial $ 600
Asbestos (40 hour) Supervisor Initial $800
Asbestos Worker Refresher $200
Asbestos Supervisor Refresher $200
Spanish Worker/Supervisor Refresher $250
Asbestos Inspector Refresher $200